1. Why Magic Wand ?

Magic Wand uses the newest technology from Italy, which combines Ceramic Ionic, Nano Silver, and Tourmaline to achieve Silky, Shiny, Sleek, and Healthy Hair. Other hair straighteners only use Ceramic or Tourmaline, or Titanium, or Aluminum, or Teflon. Do not iron your gorgeous hair with cheap metals!

2. Why are other hair straighteners cheaper?

Look at the type of plates employed by the hair straightener. Cheaper models tend to use ceramic-coated plates, while more expensive units offer solid ceramic plates. Also, cheap hair straighteners often use aluminum and teflon coated plates. Uneven heating is common in these models, and burned spots on your hair can easily be the result!

3. How do I straighten hair by myself?

You just go by layers. Start at the bottom and pin the rest of it up and let it down as you get it. Grab a little clump of hair between your fingers and startup and go down your hair. It takes practice to do the back of your hair, just grab strips off the back and straighten upwards till your totally happy with it.

4. Which temperature is ideal for my hair?

Just because Magic Wand can heat up to 230°C, does not mean you should set it that high. Each individual has her or his own hair texture and thickness, meaning you need to find the right temperature for YOU. If the temperature is too high for your hair, you run the risk of damaging your hair by scalding it.




Temperature (in °C)





5.   Can I curl my hair using Magic Wand?

Yes, of course. Magic Wand has a curved housing. This will help you to create a smooth, rounded shape as your hair passes around the body of the straightener.

  • Take a small section of your hair and place Magic Wand towards the root of your hair.
  • Slowly drag the iron through your hair – similar to the way you would curl a ribbon with scissors.
  • After the iron is all the way pulled through your hair, use your fingers to twirl the hair into a curl.
  • Separate the curls with your fingers – but do NOT brush them out.

6. Any warranty?

Magic Wand comes with a 12 months warranty from the date purchased, if the straighteners become faulty within this time after normal use, please return the goods with your ordering documentation and we will arrange a repair or replacement when a repair is not possible.

Beauty Crown cannot guarantee the quality of products sold by unauthorized dealers.

  • Date of sale and seller’s stamp is required for the validity of the warranty.
  • Warranty does not apply to devices showing abuse, damage, or to our judgment is not defective.
  • Warranty is not valid if repair has been attempted by any unauthorized person.

7. How do I clean Magic Wand?

Ensure your Magic Wand is switched off and cold. Then, wipe it with a damp, clean cloth to remove any excess products.

1.  Why Angel Hair?

Angel Hair is made out of the finest quality 100% Remy Human Hair. Remy hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. Unbelievably versatile, the set naturally blends with your own hair and can be styled and colored with most hair tools. Angel Hair does not tangle, shed, or matt, and that is specially processed to satisfy all your needs.

Angel Hair adds volume and length to your hair in just 1 minute and Angel Hair is virtually undetectable. Save your time and money! It’s quick, easy and affordable!

2.   How to use Angel Hair?

 Angel Hair is clipped under your own hair by small snap clips. The clips we use are high quality clips with a silicone insert so they will not slip or damage your hair and are extremely secure. Once fitted you will not be able to see the clips.

3.   How long will Angel hair last?

The more you look after your Angel Hair, the longer it will last. When properly worn and cared for, the lifespan of Angel Hair is up to 2 years or more.

4.   What type of Hair is used in Angel Hair?

We use 100% Remy Human Hair in Angel Hair. Nothing beats the versatility of human hair. Unlike synthetic hair, Angel hair can be straightened, curled with heat, or chemically treated (dye & perm). We guarantee that Angel hair is 100% Real Human hair.

5.   What is the difference between Volumizer & Bombshell?

They have the same high quality of hair. The difference is only the thickness. If your hair is fine and thin, and you want extra puffiness, then Volumizer is suitable for you. If you are looking for more volume as well as length we recommend our Bombshell set.

6.   Can they be straightened & curled?

Treat Angel Hair as if it is your own hair. Use a flat iron/straightener or tongs, but be cautious that using hot tools too often can dry Angel hair. We highly recommend using a heat protectant before using hot tools.

7.   Can I color Angel Hair?

Yes, Angel hair can be colored. As a general rule, it is easier to dye Angel hair darker. We highly recommend having your hairdresser dye your Angel hair. Coloring Angel hair by yourself always poses a high risk of not coming out the shade you want.

8.   Can I wash & blow-dry Angel Hair?

Treat Angel Hair as if it is your own hair. Shampoo and conditioner (always). Using a treatment/hair mask will also help keep them looking healthier and shiny for longer! You will find that you don’t need to wash your Angel hair too much. Once you feel that there is too much build up on your Angel Hair, you can wash it.

1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Please email your inquiries to support@thebeautycrown.com We will get in touch with you personally to make sure your products arrive safely at your doorstep.

2. How do I use a promotion/coupon code?

To redeem a promotion or coupon code, enter the code in the appropriate field on the Checkout page. Be sure to enter the code with the exact spelling and capitalization as shown. You must click “Apply Code” in order for the discount to be applied. The discounted amount will be displayed. If the code is invalid, expired or you have not placed the correct products in the shopping bag, a discount will not be applied.

3. Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?

For now, we only accept secure payment through bank transfer via Bank Central Asia (BCA).

4. How long does shipping usually take?

Delivery time within Indonesia is 1-5 days depending on your location. For overseas, please contact: support@thebeautycrown.com.