How To Order

1.   Select product

You can check out our products under Tab “Angel Hair” and “Magic Wand”.

2.   Add products to your cart

On the product page, choose the quantity, click “Add to Cart”, and continue shopping

3.   View your cart when you’re ready to order

View the cart when you’re ready to order. A link to your cart is located at the top right of every web page

4.   Enter a quote (when applicable)

If you have a quote or promotion, enter it in and click “Apply Coupon.” A message will confirm that the quote has been applied to the order successfully

5.   Checkout

Click “Proceed to checkout” and Fill in your information :

  • Complete billing address.
  • Choose your “City”, and it will show you the delivery time and the shipping fees.

For overseas shipping (outside Indonesia), please kindly send your request to

6.   Payment

We will email your order confirmation. Maximum payment for an order is 3×24 hours after orders have been placed. If payment has not been completed after the time limit, the order will be canceled automatically.

We only accept secure payment through bank transfer via Bank Central Asia (BCA).