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Nourish your hair while holding your hair style up to 10 hours with MIST Nourishing Hair Spray.

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Product Description

Mist by Beauty Crown is a revolutionized Hair Spray that will hold your fly away strands with No Flakes and your hair will not be sticky nor crunchy. Mist also contains a tint of black shade that will make your black hair gleam.

[But for colored hair, Mist will not make you hair black; The main purpose of the tint of black shade in MIST is to avoid the white powdery look on your hair when the spray is dried.



  • Vitamin B5 to nourish you hair
  • Dry Fast & Easy to Apply
  • Medium Hold (Up to 10 hours)
  • Aromatic Cherry Scent
  • BPOM: NA18141003774
  • Exp Date: Dec 2017

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